Joint Statement Condemning the Essential Defence Services Ordinance 2021

The new Essential Defence Services Ordinance 2021 is on e of the most draconian pieces of legislation seen in recent times. It enables the Central Government to prohibit strikes in what are defined as “essential defence services”. However the definition of “essential defense services” is wide enough to cover almost any establishment or undertaking since it includes any such establishment or undertaking “dealing with production of goods or equipment required for any purpose connected with defense”. It also includes any other service as the Central Government may declare to be an essential defence service.

We condemn this ordinance and ask for its immediate withdrawal. We stand with the defense workers and all others who may be affected by this ordinance. We call upon the whole of the working class to come onto the streets to fight against this ordinance.

The right to strike is a valuable right won by the working class after years of struggle. At its most basic it is the right to refuse labour. This is a fundamental human right as forced labour is slavery. This struggle to restore the right to strike as a valid legal right of the working class is a crucial struggle that the working class of this country will have to take up in the coming days.

Comrades, It must be our task to fight this extremely authoritarian measure with all our strength!






Grameen Mazdoor Union (Bihar)

Inqualabi Mazdoor Kendra

Jan Sangharsh Manch Harayana

Mazdoor Sahayog Kendra

Mazdoor Samanvay Kendra