Contract employee wages under lens

JAIPUR: After the high court order, Rajasthan government constituted a committee on Friday to look into the issues where contractual employees were paid less than minimum wages. If payment to employees is not made at the rate of minimum wages, then liability may come on the state.

Following HC directions, the committee under chairmanship of principal secretary, finance, will collect data from all the departments and examine it.

The government has also been asked to furnish details of how much amount has been paid to the placement agency and how much amount goes to the workmen and employees.

Commissioner, labour, would be part of the committee to make suggestions. “Every department would give required data and review the system if it is affecting the public exchequer. The review may further minimize the litigation which is mounting as otherwise avoidable,” noted the circular.

Government has also instructed the departments to see that payment is made in the favour of employees, it should not be at a rate lesser than minimum wages.

The government is also considering evolving a mechanism which is not hit by service rules and, at the same time, the administration remains effective.

To avoid cases of litigation, the government has started rendering services on the basis of ‘machine with man’.

Under this, the department seeks the services of a machine and not man. Payment too is made on the basis of services taken from the machine.

This saves the state from keeping tab on the placement agencies whether they pay the minimum wages to workers or not.

This article originally appeared in the The Times of India on September 12, 2016.

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